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From the Bride:
We met at work, I remember being instantly impressed with Steve. He's knowledgeable, but always open to new information, he's engaging and funny; being at work was easier because he was there.
It wasn't until March of 2016 that Steve and I started officially dating, and these past three years have been the happiest and easiest of my life. He makes me laugh constantly, and he knows exactly what to say to calm me down when I'm feeling anxious. 

From the Groom:
"I don't know what to say. Maybe I can't describe it because it just feels normal. It just works. We get each other. We know what we need to do for each other and we just do it." 

From the Groom:
I tortured her with and then forced a ring upon her in true matrimonial fashion.

From the Bride:
I woke up late the morning of our anniversary, and as I was getting ready for the day I noticed a blue ring box on the desk of our cabin. I knew what it was of course, but since it hadn't been handed to me I just ignored it. We went out for breakfast, back to the room to change, a short visit to the pool deck for sunbathing, then back to the room when I finally had enough. I told him to put it away or do the thing. He took the ring out of the box, put it on my finger, then said, "Marry me." Although he didn't quite ask, it was never a question for me. I am so excited for what our future has in store, and to spend forever with Steve!