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On August 14 of 2016 it was fate when we met, we were both struggling in a new city. Roderick was working in construction and I was an Uber driver/Site Teacher, we both endured by walking in faith., staying humble, and being able to laugh at all the stupid arguements we have had along the way. They say laughter is the best medicine (we get a daily dose). Our relationship went at a fast pace from friends to lovers, showing each other the mistakes we're making and whats holding us back from our destiny. That's when we realized we were soulmates.  Neither Roderick nor myself have joined hands in matrimony before, but have experienced monogamous relationships that gave us the proficiency to know how hard relationships can be. We have learned to compromise, to communicate. to have patience with each other and to love one another enough to share a lifelong commitment. A committment to take the next step. to the next level (were getting married). "A Blessing"

Blessings for you, Blessings for me, when you believe, all your goals will be achieved!