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This day was a big surprise, although Roderick was acting suspicious and a little extra, a proposal was the last thing I thought would take place on December 31, 2018.

At Roderick's family house on New Years Eve, we were blending daiquiris while waiting for the ball to drop on Time Square. At 5 minutes before the new year set in, a song start playing, "Let Me Know" Tamar Braxton...Roderick & family start to gather around with their cameras and looks of excitement. Roderick took out a box and pulled out a first thought, "Is he going to propose but with a bracelet? Is this a new type of proposal with a bracelet?" (mind you a beautiful tennis bracelet) Roderick proceeded to get on one knee, then his son handed him another box....with tears in my eyes and my fiance on his knee, he put the ring on my finger, he proposed and I knew,  this was meant to be!!!

 The day has come, soulmates entwined as one, I never knew he would propose to me, my love, my honey bun!